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Havana Travels .com

We differentiate ourselves by offering you options that utilize our resources and match your interests.

Havana Cultural and Language Trips provides a full range of services to those interested in knowing Havana from the perspective and feeling of the local Habaneros to that of the most elegance focussed tourist.

From booking your flight from the US or Canada to meeting you upon arrival at Havana's airport, we will assist you in entering and staying in a safe, problem free manner.

Our services allow for your participation a full range of cultural activities including private language instruction, and guided or unaccompanied forays into Havana to enjoy music, art, dance, food, sea, etc. In Havana one never tires of entertainment options.

Our experience has shown that many people would like to go to Havana to enjoy all that it has to offer but feel intimidated or somewhat lost about how to get there and access it fully. We help you save time by bringing you directly to things of interest or providing up to date, connected information for your enjoyment. Come take the hand of one of our bilingual teachers or guides and discover why Havana has always deserved its fame.

Spanish Language Instruction

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced language learner, you will be able to benefit from our practical, one on one, conversationaly focused language classes. Teachers pay close attention to your individual assessment and apply a variety of methods to assist in your accessing Cuban society in a communicative way. Classes are two hours long and are held from Monday to Friday in the lounges of our hotels or poolside. Our methodology promotes maximum learning by making you feel comfortable and relaxed. To this is added ample opportunity to practise and improve your language skills both in and out of the classroom.

Guided Cultural Activities

Havana is awash with stimulating activities, sights, music, dance, art, beach fun or whatever it is that you like to do. Whether you are interested in discovering the latest Cuban jazz clubs, improving your salsa, indulging in criollo cooking, scuba diving, fishing, lying on the beach, museum hopping, or simply sitting in a cafe drinking Havana Club Rum with the locals, our guides will get you there.

All cultural activities are completely optional. Costs associated with these are additional to the package rates.
The guides are completely open to assist and accompany you if you choose. If you prefer to discover Havana on your own, however, no problem. Please click on the "Activities" link in the title bar for more detailed information on Havana's many attractions and entertainment options.

Here's our head of teachers, Tito on the left and one of our guides, Freddy on the right.

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